Sunday, January 13, 2008

Spontaneous re-generation

Genuinely thrilling news via Indie MP3 this morning: Richard Batchelor is back from France and Ricky Spontane are gigging again:

If that wasn't enough tonight saw the return of Ricky Spontane. Another band I saw all the time a fair few years ago. The last time being back in 2003 (I think). It seems singer Richard moved to France and that made the band a hard thing to maintain. So I was surprised and delighted when I saw the bands name on the bill for this evening. The band duly delivered a resounding set, drummer Talya is still the most fun I have seen behind a drumkit. Guitarist Stephen Wood was always under-rated and tonight the songs (that I've not heard in years) coming flooding back to me and the guitar sounds great. It's weird I've never managed to own a Ricky Spontane LP but I seemed to know most of the songs in the set last night. Singer Richard still bounds around the stage like a man possessed. Ricky Spontane are a great live band. I am glad they are back.

The Spontanes have got one of those MySpaces. Back in the old days you stick a pile of fliers in Scene Of The Crime and hoped.


CarsmileSteve said...

i was talking to Steven on Saturday and he said it was just a one off unfortunately :((((

they were GREAT though, so glad i saw the listing on saturday morning.

Steve Spontane said...

Well, we don't do many gigs, so we were approaching it as a kind of one-off for the time being, but we all enjoyed playing the gig so much that we are (right now, vaguely) planning other gigs sometime in the future.... and maybe a little string of dates in Paris, too! And we do have half a third album already recorded, which we really want to complete, and put out sometime soon.... Thanks for coming to the gig, and glad you enjoyed it!

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