Friday, February 29, 2008

GlastOn the buses

As we suggested yesterday, Thom Yorke's complaints about public transport links to Glastonbury were a little unfair.

Glastonbury's press office have also said that it wasn't fair:

“[We’re] not sure what Thom is on about specifically, but there have always been extra trains put on for the festival, which arrive at the local Castle Cary train station.

“From there there's a free shuttle bus service to the festival site. There are also special bus services from all the local towns.

“Last year, in order to cut down on the number of cars, we issued 25,000 tickets linked directly to coach travel from all the UK's major towns; this reduced the number of cars by about 7,000.”

The suggestion that each car that turned up at Glastonbury contained an average of three and a half people seems a little unlikely from where we're sitting - especially with the way tickets were sold as pairs and not bunches of four - but that would suggest more, not fewer, cars off the road.


Anonymous said...

You could order up to 4 tickets last year, and can again this year.

Olive said...

I reckon that Thom's just looking for excuses not to play. You mark my words- the band'll be contracted to headline the Friday night, then a week or so before he'll remember that he's got someone coming round to service the central heating and will have to duck out.

ian said...

On their UK tour, they're playing a few big gigs in London, Glasgow and Manchester.

So that means that the majority of their fans, who live in places other than that, will have to travel tens, perhaps hundreds of miles to see their favourite band. And because they'll finish after the last train, then they'll have to drive. For me, for example, the London show is 130 miles away, Manchester, 115.

If they were honest, then they'd play loads of small gigs in small local venues, thus reducing the fans traffic miles (albeit increasing theirs).

Radiohead's carbon impact from me is zero, because I can't stand the pompous git.

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