Friday, February 22, 2008

What I did at the Brit Awards by Ricky Wilson, aged 13

Ricky Wilson has a permanent record of his day at The Brits in The Times. He had an exciting time, hanging out with famous people:

You get to spy people like David Tennant and proper celebs, such as Simon Pegg. He told me that he'd just been filming the new Star Trek - he's Scottie, for gawd's sake. You don't get that kind of chat by a portaloo in a boggy field.

Really? You don't think you could talk to Simon Pegg backstage at Glastonbury?

Aware that he's sounding a little over-excited about hanging out with James Blunt, Ricky attempts to justify his enthusiasm:
I get angry now when I see bands acting like they don't care about the Brits. I just think of all the bands that would love to be asked. Everyone wants to go. It's the biggest and best awards ceremony - our Oscars - and I'm so glad that it's music, so we are invited. I'm even more glad that we're relevant enough to be asked to perform. And be nominated, even if we were robbed.

Everyone wants to go? Really? And yet they have to fill up the front rows with kids from the Brits School.