Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Aint that a Songkick in the pants?

Hypebot are profiling a new service calling itself Songkick, which is yet another recommendation-and-widget outfit, but one with a USP:

Based on the songs you have in your music library, your location and the bands you’ve asked Songkick to track, Songkick is able to recommend shows in your area, including gigs that you might not know about but would probably enjoy. Suddenly your Friday nights don’t seem so empty anymore.

Never miss another performance! Songkick informs users by email whenever their favorite bands come to town. A downloadable plug-in will scan the user’s music library and add all artists to the tour tracker instantly.

Hmm. I think I might be a little less than thrilled if a service suddenly decided I needed to be emailed when any one of ten thousand artists come anywhere near my town - and I imagine if I lived somewhere with a more vibrant gigging scene, like London, that could get a little out of hand.

But the idea of a Last FM style recommendation, but for live gigs, is a strong proposition. So strong, in fact, you'd put money on it being swallowed into the belly of Last FM in the next half hour or so.