Monday, March 24, 2008

... and I wasn't there, either

The New York Times has got a courtroom artist's impression of the moment Heather Mills emptied water over Fiona Shackleton's head. It was done by an artist who wasn't present, and who perhaps hasn't seen people interacting much.

[UPDATE: Schoolboy error. Their not there. Head duly hung in shame]


Gary said...

Me either. Wouldn't have wanted to be though.... what a waste of water. Shame on the NY-times for doing that. What's the point of courtroom artists if they weren't in the courtroom?

Chris Brown said...

You know, I've never been in a courtroom in my life. But even I know what Paul McCartney looks like, which seems to put me one up on this artist.

simon h b said...

Clearly, though, 'knowing what a Beatle looks like' and 'being able to draw' are two separate talents which might not exist in one person...

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