Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bjork attempts to clear up Tibet

It's perhaps escaped her notice but the Chinese repression of Tibet story has moved on quite a bit since Bjork muttered 'Tibet' onstage in Shanghai. Or perhaps it hasn't, as she's decided to provide some, um, elucidation as to what was running through her mind:

"When I said 'Tibet, Tibet', I whispered it three times. There was no fuss in the room. It happened afterwards on websites. It shows more than anything that China has become the next superpower in the world. And the issue is: how are they going to deal with Western moral issues like freedom of speech?"

Actually, watching the Chinese shut down web access and send troops rolling into the markets of Tibet, I think we can guess what their response is to that issue.

We're a little bit puzzled as to why she stresses she only "whispered it" and that the "fuss" came afterwards - was it meant to be her striking a blow for free speech, or was it not?


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