Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Candy nobody wants

Depending on if you're a Madonna is half-naked, or a Madonna is half-dressed sort of person, you might choose to react to the news that Vodaphone has got the rights to launch Madonna's new album a week early as an indication that Vodaphone has got more money than sense, or there wasn't much of a battle for the rights.

Vodaphone is creating a special portal on its Vodaphone Live mobile site (no, us neither) to host the track-by-track reveal:

Beginning on 21 April, one track will be released each day of the week and will remain live for 24 hours for download before it is replaced by the next track.

Again, you could see this as a way of building excitement across the week, or you could see it as a dribbly, ill-conceived idea that puts too much weight on some of the flabbier album tracks (and there will be some, we're sure). This is probably supposed to somehow frustrate piracy of the tracks, although removing all legal existence of track one on day two seems designed to create more, not less, illegal rummaging.


Spence said...

I'm so pleased I'm on Orange.

Olive said...

This news (not that Spence is On Orange, the Madonna/Vodafone thing) comes at the same time that Vodafone are getting rid of hundreds of workers at their Berkshire HQ.

duckie said...

But the good news is that there's plenty of work going at Madonna's place for forelock tuggers and shit shovellers.

James said...

As luck would have it, my mobile contract is due for renewal around then.

I'm definitely going with Virgin now :(

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