Friday, March 21, 2008

Daily Mail reveals 'woman looks slightly older than when she was younger'

We're not quite sure why it surprises the Daily Mail that people get older, but it does seem to think that it is worthy of comment. Today, the paper sneers at Kim Wilde for not coming up to their exacting standards:

she doesn't look quite as glamorous as she did back in her chart-topping the Eighties

Apart from being gratuitously unpleasant, it's not even true: Kim carries her age with as much grace as she carried her youth; you can even tell that in the side-by-side photos the paper has helpfully captioned:
The rock chick looked virtually unrecognisable from her days as a popstar as she stepped out without make-up, compared to her edgier look in 1983

What the caption doesn't point out is that the 'today' shot is a snatched long-lens shot while she was out shopping without make-up and the 1983 picture is a studio portrait with, we suspect, a spot of post-production run over it.

Kim Wilde deserves a bit more respect, Daily Mail.

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