Friday, March 14, 2008

Eavis rubbishes own bill

It's only a few weeks since Michael Eavis was trumpeting what a brilliant and potentially historic booking Jay-Z was, a key part of a reinvigorated Glastonbury Festival.

Now, though, he's sounding a bit less thrilled, as registrations for the Glastonbury ticket charge are down on last year:

"There's not as many as last year because we haven't got the super, big, big, big sort of headlining act anymore.

"We've gone for something middle range although Jay-Z is huge in America. It's going to be absolutely brilliant. But it's not like a Radiohead or a Muse or a Coldplay or an Oasis is it?"

Of course, the tickets will all be sold, but the decline in interest must be a bit of a worry - it's almost as if having made it so very, very hard in terms of cost and administration to get in, people are thinking they'd be better off elsewhere.

Still, at least it might mean Eavis won't have to make so many biodegradable tentpegs, which are being trialled this year to see if the problem of discarded metal pegs injuring cows can be avoided.

The pegs are made from wheat and potatoes, which seems to be a bit risky to us - with the notorious Glastonbury rains, won't this just mean you're putting your tent up with Smash?


Ruth said...

I'm not going this year... £150+ to see the Kings of Leon and not be able to escape to Lost Vagueness? And probably risk drowning?

Now, if Mr Eavis would like to give me a free ticket (£150 being a sizeable proportion of my monthly salary) I'd be quite interested to see Jay-Z.

CarsmileSteve said...

i'm not going this year because either it was really annoying last year or i'm getting too old.

i know about twenty people, staunch attenders all, who aren't going this year either (ok, so i think all bar one of us are the "wrong" side of 30, but it's still a big step change for us all to stop at once).

importantly we'd all decided not to go BEFORE hearing about the headliners, given that this is the first time in about 5 years they've officially announced them before tickets have gone on sale...

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