Monday, March 10, 2008

Goth dies slowly: Club Metropolis closes

After fifteen years in Copenhagen, Club Metropolis is closing down next month. Their blog explains:

First and foremost: The scene has changed immensely over the past couple of years. Not only has it expanded rapidly, there's been more promotion groups and event makers popping up on both Fyn and Jylland, as well as Copenhagen. In spite of this, there aren't as many concert-goers as there used to be.
In part, the people that used to come out to Club Metropolis have gotten older, a younger generation has become the mainstay, and their priorities have shifted. The types of events that have the biggest pull are now primarily social meetups and parties with less focus on the music.

This is a general tendency in the goth/industrial scene that all promoters (at least in Copenhagen) have experienced. It just happened that we were among the first to get hit by it.

This means less cash in the register for events with live music, and lower morale. As the motivation dropped, board members understandably also left the club.

Unfortunately, this has meant a heavier work burden the remaining board members - who were already tied up with work and school. It has also meant that we've been forced to have expenses that we didn't used to have (transportation, rent of equipment etc.).
The lack of money, resources and time has thrown us in a downward spiral that has cost us each blood, sweat and tears, and many self-sacrifices - too many - without any visible results to speak of.

We have to be realistic and admit that we cannot keep going on like this. It's time to close shop.

There's something almost heartwarming about the idea that goth clubs can't attract an audience because kids would rather do something social than go to a Goth place - not that Goths are antisocial or anything - but it's still a shame that a venue which has been central to a city's subculture for a decade and a half can't make ends meet any more.

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