Sunday, March 30, 2008

Heather Mills on the wheels of steel

From somewhere, the News of the World has got hold of a rap track it claims Heather Mills made to raise awareness of the plight of disabled children "forced" to rely on the NHS. It's called Disability Rap, and while Heather clearly thinks its political, it actually turns out to be a really patronising insult to the staff in British hospitals:

"So you go to the NHS and they do their best with the limited budget they have. They make her limbs but she can't wear them — they're painful.

"And every step you watch her take is even more painful to you. So you thank them because it is the best they can do. Or is it? No Mr Minister, it's not. And you know it."

McCartney is supposed to have persuaded Heather to not release the track - on the grounds of, while it's the best she can do with a limited talent, nobody can bear it - it's painful.

The highlight of the NOTW's report, though, is this bit:
we spoke to someone who REALLY knows a hit from a stinker, music supremo Louis Walsh, and the X Factor judge was not impressed.

That's the only mention of Louis Walsh and his opinion - clearly, the man didn't want to get involved in the story at all.

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