Monday, March 17, 2008

In these shoes? Paolo Nutini's feet bought by Puma

Wasn't this supposed to be an exciting world of cross-media brand synergy deals funding musicians? Only we fail to recognise any of that sort of thing in the news that Paolo Nutini has signed a deal to promote Pumas.

Puma, the plimsoll company formed when the slightly-more-enthusiastic-about-the-Nazis Dassler brother Rudolph split from his brother Adi; not Puma, the big cat. Although we'd actually pay good money to see Paolo Nutini sharing a stage with a large feline. It wouldn't have to be a puma, either. We'd be quite happy if it was a clouded leopard, really.

It's hard to see what's in it for Puma:

In the new Puma campaign, Nutini will appear in advertising around the world performing the song New Shoes from his multi-platinum debut album, These Streets, across television, mobile, radio and online campaigns. He will also be featured in Puma stores around the world, and make a documentary for the brand and personal appearances.

A documentary about pumps presented by Paolo Nutini. Perhaps they're hoping that we'll all buy shoes to throw at him?

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