Sunday, March 23, 2008

Pete Doherty cancels gig. World continues turning.

Whoever would have thought? Pete Doherty won't be showing up for a slot at tonight's gig in the Forum.

There's a good reason, though:

Doherty's management had informed [headliners The Sonics] that the Babyshambles man was in his Wiltshire home and was unable to make the gig.

I'd really like to play the gig, but I'm at home. Yes, that's understandable.


sven945 said...

I saw this gig advertised on seetickets as

In London at The Forum this Sunday..."

(still on the seetickets front page now incidentally). Luckily for the promoters, they don't have to give anybody any money back because he wasn't headlining.

Anonymous said...

He spent last easter bumming Carl Barat, he probably just wants to keep up tradition.

Gary said...

pathetic. He obviously has no interest in music, or any fans.

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