Monday, March 17, 2008

Reuters welcomes Curt Smith's solo career after 17 years

You've got to love the depth of Reuters' research, as they welcome the emergence of Curt Smith, solo artist:

Curt Smith has been one half of Tears For Fears, a radio show personality, MTV host and commercial songwriter. In May, when Smith releases "Halfway, pleased," you can add solo artist to that list.

You could have added it back last year when the album was first released - although perhaps because it was in France it doesn't count. You could also have added it back in 1991 when Smith released Soul On Board, but that was only in the UK so perhaps that doesn't count.

Oddly, Reuters is aware of the Mayfield album, but not - apparently - the reworking of some of that project's album as a solo EP under Smith's own name.

Still, they at least get some gnomic utterance from Smith about the future of Tears For Fears:
We've left it open. The thing is, neither of us wants to plan that far ahead. We're probably sick of the sight of each other after four and a half years of recording and touring. But we didn't say like we did in 1990, 'I don't want to work with you again.' We're still decompressing."

We're not quite sure how, if you've not got any plans to come back together, there's a "that far ahead" for which you don't want to plan.