Monday, March 31, 2008

The smart before the hoarse

Assuming that (a) they're let in and (b) that Liam turns up, Oasis have signed up for a Canadian and Washington State tour. Ryan Adams and The Cardinals are opening, which is surely all wrong.

Still, the next time Noel goes on and on about Knebworth, we'll all be able to pipe up "yeah, and what about the Pengworth Saddledrome, eh?"


Andrew said...

Presumably they chose him because they heard that he was a country singer and thus would reinforce their authenticity.

Anonymous said...

rubbish comment. doesn't work because he's fucking duetted with noel before. several times. i mean, ffs, if you're gonna take the piss (and i'm all for that when it comes to oasis) at least know your shit before you pull your trousers down.

simon h b said...

*at least know your shit before you pull your trousers down*

Isn't the opportunity for surprise one of the joys of a daily motion?

Anonymous said...

i shall never read this blog again.

comments of such an obscene nature are absurd and you should all be lucky that i've refrained from spanking you with a wet plimsoll.

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