Monday, March 31, 2008

Stanmer harks

The man who rescued Stanmer Mansion from decay and dereliction is expressing concern at plans to share the park with an extreme sports and rock festival. Mike Holland claims he was only told one month ago about the event, which combines snowboarding, skateboarding and other children's games with a festival entertainment. He's worried that weddings booked for the weekend might be rather destroyed by having youths in big shorts sliding all over the place.

Holland should have known there was a chance of festivals in the park - Essential used to be a fixture in Stanmer until foot and mouth forced it to relocate to Hackney, where it died.


duckie said...

More to the point, he ran his own four day festival in the park last summer. Admittedly it was the kind of seated affair at which umbrellas were deemed unwelcome in case they blocked the view of people sitting behind (it actually rained solidly throughout) and where Ronan Keating was reclassified as entertainment, but a festival it was nonetheless. Just not a very good one.

simon h b said...

Aha! Now it all makes sense - presumably the wedding parties that weekend would have been complaining about the disruption if they had Ronan Keating floating over their champagne reception...

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