Monday, March 17, 2008

They say riot, we say morons

We're a bit bemused as to why people gathering to dance at a gig is being described as a riot, exactly.

Certainly, getting 1000 people onto a bridge and then making them jump up and down is - perhaps - one of the most calamitously stupid ideas we've heard for a long time, but this doesn't mean it was a riot, does it?

The band, by the way, was Fucked Up; the bridge Lemar Pedestrian Bridge in Austin:

Mike Haliechuck, Fucked Up's guitarist, said he feared the bridge was going to collapse.

"I could feel the bridge going up and down - it was crazy. The police couldn’t do anything, so they just had to wait."

Maybe I'm just getting old, but this sounds like the most pointlessly dangerous thing to occur in rock in a long time. Isn't there some law against endangering lives in Texas?