Sunday, March 23, 2008

Thom Yorke dons the green eye-shield

Today's Observer magazine has been guest-edited by Thom Yorke; it's a climate change special and in his introduction he suggests that his larger-than-average global footprint is a help, rather than a hindrance, in spreading the message:

At first I told Friends of the Earth that I was absolutely the wrong person to be associated with their campaign. I've based my life on touring and the rock industry is a high energy-consuming industry. But they persuaded me that that was exactly why it was a good idea for me to be involved, that they didn't want to present a holier-than-thou message.

That's true - and makes a certain degree of sense - although how far would you take that? There's a sense that this is the environmental equivalent of those times when Keith Richards tells pop stars to not take drugs, isn't it?

But, for a whiskey priest, Yorke is pretty passionate and takes well to his brief - interviewing Ken Livingstone about plans to bring bike rental to central London, for example. Sadly, he doesn't get his hands dirty with testing alternatives to bin liners.


Olive said...

How exactly does being a hypocrite make Yorke the ideal poster boy for climate change?

Ken Livingstone showed his true colours, though:
"I'm quite prepared to have a nanny state if it means we survive. I'd rather have a nanny state and live than we all burn in some catastrophic climate change disaster."
Fuck you, Ken.

Sorry, too gripped in a teeth grinding rage to approach today's Observer with anything approaching sense. The piece on food miles, which is a total reversal of the stance the paper has been taking for months will have me punching endangered species ofr the rest of the week.


Chris Brown said...

I think the point about Yorke is that he at least acknowledges his own contribution to the problem; as distinct from the sort of rockstar who'd fly between two UK cities to appear on telly at a gig promoting environmental awareness, say, or complain about poverty and then get somebody to fly their hat out to another country when they left it behind.
Naming no names.

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