Monday, March 31, 2008

U2 hands over website to LiveNation

U2 have signed a deal with LiveNation, passing over pretty much everything bar records and publishing to the company.

That includes, which in future will be worked to make money pour out of every pixel.

Hush, now: Mr. Bono speaks:

"We've been dating for over 20 years now, it's about time we tied the knot. With regards to we feel we've got a great website, but we want to make it a lot better. We want a closer, more direct relationship between the band and its audience and Live Nation has pledged to help us with that."

Curious that the band is, to Bono, an "it" and not an "us", don't you think?
Paul McGuinness, U2's Manager said, "U2 are doing their best work right now, on record and in concert. The opportunity to integrate U2 and Live Nation's vision of the future is a great extension of our established business and of our working relationship with Arthur Fogel and Michael Cohl, which started back in 1980 at the El Mocambo in Toronto."

We do agree with McGuiness that U2 is doing its best work in concert right now. Especially since they're not played a proper gig since September 2006.


maura said...

live nation has owned u2's web site since it bought the merch-and-web company signatures network in the fall of last year. this deal just sort of streamlines that relatonship, brings it closer to the top.

Anonymous said...

Thank god, because whoever ran that site before let it be overrun by absolute psychopaths, nutters and cyber criminals. Good on Live Nation--please, please do a better job policing the animals in the zoo!

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