Thursday, March 13, 2008

Van Morrison 'grumpy' reports surprised website

Van Morrison's reputation clearly doesn't precede him to quite the extent you'd have thought, as ContactMusic sounds a note of surprise that he came onstage at SXSW in a bad mood:

He curtly told the audience, "We'd like to do the next album. If someone turns off that mobile phone we can start it."

ContactMusic also reports, breathlessly:
Cameras and recording equipment were also banned from the venue.

No, really? Unlike every other gig in the world which has tickets carrying a rule banning the use of cameras or recording equipment.

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duckie said...

Van was being interviewed about his new album ("astonishing breakthrough sound without horns or strings" apparently, though end result appears to be formulaic blues sludge) on Radio 4 recently, and I was pleased to find him as curmudgeonly, unreasonable and unlikeable as ever. Whining that people don't understand him, complaining that new music isn't any good, mithering on about music journalists' supposed obsession with 60's and 70's music. Just wish I could find a link to the classic story from one of his ex-roadies who hated him so much he wiped one of Van's harmonicas against his own anus before each performance.

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