Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Burrows on his own

Andy Burrows, who is still a full member of Razorlight with every bit as many privileges as any other member of Razorlight1, is dipping his toe in the water with a solo side project.

Yes, yes, a solo drummer. It might seem funny, but everyone laughed when Phil Collins said he was going solo. They didn't laugh for long.2

1 - apart from Johnny Borrell, of course.
2 - with apologies to Bob Monkhouse


Social Network Web Design said...

Well, let's see. :)

Spence said...

Even if it's the greatest album ever, he still looks like a horse.

Rebekah said...

Social Network Web Design - How do you fancy editing a daily tabloid gossip column? Your sharp observations and wit are just what we need. Much better than the little tosspot I'm stuck with at the moment.

Pete S said...

You said it was my turn next, Rebekah. You promised.

gordon s said...

In your dreams, Sampson! You couldn't do my job.
I bet you've never even seen real ladyboobs.

I have.


There was this was one time up at the nurses flats and one of them was getting changed. You could see everything - bum, tits, fanny, the lot.

And then another time I was camping on a camping site and a woman was doing exercises and her bikini did ping off when she stretched. Me and my friend Sid James both laughed and laughed cos you could see her bangers.


Rebekah said...

Oi! Pack it in you two, unless you want to feel the back of my hand. If you don't think I'll come over there and clout you both, just ask Ross Kempongangs. Sampson: I want 200 words on those photos of that A-list celebrity kicking a tramp to death, complete with quotes from close pals, on my desk by 4 o'clock. Smart: Go and play with your scrapbook.

Jack said...

Scrapbook ie wankmag?

vicky n said...

Such a shame to see the high standards that I established just being pissed away. Still, I'm in the money, so who cares? Rupert gave me a bronze sculpture of his wallet the other day.

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