Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Glastonbury: If this fails, it'll be free tickets with Sugar Puffs

Terrible news for Glastonbury - much worse that Smart's flapping about the Jay-Z story. The take-up of tickets has fallen so short of expectations that they're being forced to reopen the registration process.

Yes, the registration process, not merely sales:

Emily Eavis says they are giving people who wanted to go another chance to register.

She said: "We're having a massive influx of people saying they didn't register.

"So what we're going to reopen registration and allow the extra people who want to come to do so."

Emily tries to suggest there isn't a massive over-supply of tickets:
"We had registration open for a month and we're just going to reopen it for a few days.

"To be honest, there aren't that many tickets left to sell. They'll probably trickle along I imagine over the next few weeks. There won't be a massive surge."

But for a festival that is used to selling out in hours, having to basically run after people in the streets yelling "come back, please... we'll make it easier for you" isn't a good sign.


Matt said...

I for one am glad it hasn't sold out. I've got my ticket and am a long time festival goer. Over the past few years I've noticed the increasing number of people at festivals (and Glastonbury in particular) who are just there because Edith Bowman told them it was cool and they'd quite liked that James Blunt album they bought their mum and, well, it'll be something to tell the grandkids. Maybe it just isn't cool anymore.

duckie said...

Judging from the comments on the BBC site, the fashionistas are the very people who WILL still be going. Eavis appears to have pissed off a lot of long term attendees with his comments about not wanting the older audience there, and the overcrowding in the main Pyramid/Other Stage/Market areas following increased ticket allocations. A few are very angry at the treatment meted out to people who had to try and use the bus service last time (8 hour wait in the driving rain). There's also quite a widespread view that people are tiring of the military operation required to obtain tickets. I know I have - it just isn't fun any more, so it's Bestival for me again this year.

Ruth said...

I don't know if I'd count as a long-time festivalgoer (I've been to every Glasto since 99) but I've noticed a change in atmosphere down on t'farm. It's got increasingly more crowded year-on-year too, to the extent that last year when we arrived there was nowhere to camp.

Anyway, I'm not going this year and registrations and ticket sales are down. I see a correlation.

paranoidman said...

I've been to glasto a number of times as well but after last year my mates and I all agreed we'd never go again. Too many people and what quality there is on the line up is spread far too thin - and the stages seem to be getting further apart with the crowds ever thicker so it's much harder to hop around from stage to stage to catch something really interesting

Biggest mistake they ever made was let Emily Eavis have a say in booking acts. Jay-Z isn't a problem for me it's the rest of the identikit indie rubbish that silts up most of the stages

CarsmileSteve said...

look, i really really think this is a thing, i know about 50 people who went last year (all with at least 3 years "service" (11 in my case)) who aren't going back for exactly these reasons. it's definitely not the "bad" headliners (we've haven't known who was headlining for most of the 6 hour sell out years) or really the price or the registration process, it's just that there were TOO MANY PEOPLE there last time, causing all sorts of logistical problems. dudes, we went back after 97 and 98 so it can't *just* be the rain...

of course the whole sell out thing is a completely new phenomenom anyway, i got my tickets in 93 and 94 for my birthday in the middle of May...

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