Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hadouken want to play to the middle classes

Hadouken aren't that impressed by Glastonbury:

"Glastonbury is a bit of a middle class schmooze with Kate Moss look-alikes trying to look their best in Ugg Boots."

So, you'd knock back Emily 'festival guru' Eavis if she came at your with a contract and a cheque?
“It is the king of festivals, so if we were to do it, that would be fantastic.”

Aha. It also seems that - despite writing it off as a sea of Mossalikes in Uggs, Hadouken don't actually know much about the festival. Suggesting reasons for the lack of sell-out:
“I wouldn’t say it is any of those particular headliners, I think it’s a combination of those acts not appealing to a certain person. I don’t think the person who wants to go see the Friday night will maybe want to go see hip-hop on a Saturday night.”

They do realise that you don't actually have to watch all the pyramid stage headliners, don't they?

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