Saturday, April 12, 2008

How dim do the Daily Mail believe their readers are?

Getting excited by "the latest internet craze" for expressing lyrics as graphics, the Mail sets its readers a challenge:

So can you name the song and singer for each of these? Click on the image for a clue.

This is the general standard of difficulty - basically, it's reading the name of the song from a picture. And, yes, they really do provide a clue for people finding it difficult.

Although the clue is an uncaptioned picture of Rod Stewart - so, a great help to people who are unable to read "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" off a screen but are able to recognise Rod Stewart.

But then perhaps the Mail has good reason to think that its readers couldn't spot the obvious in front of their noses. On the same page, there's a link to Jon Snow's amusing 'Jonrolling' take on RickRolling from Channel 4 news:
Never gonna live this down: Jon Snow and his cringeworthy Internet homage to Rick Astley
The newsreader gives an hilarious rendition of 80s hit Never Gonna Give You Up

So, is it cringeworthy or hilarious? It can't be both, can it?


Simon said...

Hardly an "Internet craze", is it, one site? Or 'latest', given it did the rounds of message boards in November. Odd that the Mail decided not to illustrate the "craze", given the site in question illustrates rap lyrics.

Andyk said...

There is a similar feature in The Guide section of today's Guardian about making graphs of songs lyrics.


Anonymous said...

"So, is it cringeworthy or hilarious? It can't be both, can it?"

The Office?

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