Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Industry shutters

Captains Of Industry - the label-home to Gay For Johnny Depp, Hell Is For Heroes and 21 Gun Salute amongst others - has called it a a day:

Captains Of Industry record label announces dissolution.

To celebrate our 5th anniversary record label Captains Of Industry is ceasing trading as of April 1 2008.

Captains Of Industry began life as a collective in 2003. Outlined in a series of communiqués we detailed a ‘5 Year Plan’ (“to release some cool records”). Those five years have now passed and the circle is complete.

Captains Of Industry exit just as they entered – with dignity and health intact. No bitterness, no bankruptcies, no falling’s out.

The recently launched Captains Of Industry Books imprint will continue.

Entirely self-funded and existing for its duration in a time of major transition for music, without so much as an office, phone-line or ‘fruit and flowers’ budget, from 2003 to 2008 Captains Of Industry have released over 40 singles, EPs and albums by bands from the UK, USA, Australia, Iceland and Switzerland.

Captains Of Industry could not have existed without help from Cargo Records, James Sherry at Division Promotions, Justin Schlosberg, Chay Woodman and many great bands and supporters.

Captains Of Industry were Lee Milmore, Ben Myers, Richard Myers and Gary Robson.

They will, of course, be sadly missed.

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