Sunday, April 06, 2008

Junos split in two

It must be hard for the Junos, trying to attract attention to Canada's music scene while knowing they never quite pack the cultural punch of the Grammys. Given the hill they set themselves to climb, it's impressive they've decided to stack the odds even more against themselves by splitting the event across two nights. Perhaps the thinking is that it makes them harder to miss. "Surely they'll notice if there's two ceremonies?"

It doesn't work.

Anyway, last night, Feist won, and she's expected to tonight.

Blue Rodeo "Small Miracles" - adult alternative album of the year
Serena Ryder - new artist of the year
Arcade Fire "Neon Bible"- alternative album of the year
Feist - artist of the year
Feist - songwriter of the year.
Belly - best rap recording of the year.
Nathan "Key Principles" - roots and traditional album of the year.
Jully Black "Revival" - best soul and R&B recording.
Blue Rodeo "C'mon" - best video
Arcade Fire "Neon Bible" - best album artwork

Perhaps if they lost a few of the lamer categories, they could get it done in one night.

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