Monday, April 07, 2008

Kelly Clarkson: What if you leaked an album and nobody heard?

Kelly Clarkson is really upset that tracks from her new album have found their way onto the internet - somehow, oh, who can know who?

In fact, she's been talking about how sucky it is:

"The fact that people have heard music that's not ready yet sucks, but I hope they like it."

It must suck, and it's in no way a carefully orchestrated release of work-in-progress in an attempt to try and stop people talking about, you know, the whole last album.


97701 said...

Her whole last album is BRILLIANT! People should really listen to it a couple times before judging it.

The songs weren't leaked intentionally, they were stolen.

simon h b said...

Listen a couple of times? To a Kelly Clarkson album? What, are you running a dungeon or something?

And the tracks were stolen, were they? Since they were rough demo tracks - not even being distributed to pressing plants or previewers - there can only be a very, very narrow number of people who would have had access to the tracks in order to pinch them. Should be fairly easy to track down the culprit, huh?

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