Monday, April 07, 2008

The Kid Jensens of indie rock

Thurston Moore has made clear that Sonic Youth won't change their name to refelect their entry into the time of life when you start to wonder what it feels like to ride a chairlift:

Moore says, "Some people say it's ridiculous - 'you should change your name.'

"(But) I think it's a good thing as far as a state of grace, state of mind. It's actually more fun playing the older we get."

We're a little at a loss as to why anyone would have thought they'd change anyway: surely 'Sonic Youth' is an ideal rather than a description; thinking it should change as the band age suggests its being interpreted as 'we are young people with guitars', but it's really like insisting that the Foo Fighters change their name as the USAF knows exactly what they are these days.


sven945 said...

Lee & Herring did a jokey bit in one of their radio 1 shows back in 1995 about how silly calling themselves Sonic Youth was when they were all over 30.

(I could pretend that I was a huge fan of theirs when I was seven and how I can remember one of their sketches so vividly, but I was listening to a download of the shows earlier on the way to Sainsbury's and it reminded me of having read this)

Darren H said...

And what about that Neil Young, eh? He's got a nerve.

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