Thursday, April 03, 2008

Madonna and Guy go to bed for a quick RIM push

Yes, it's true: Madonna and Guy Thingybloke both take their Blackberries to bed and love their Research In Motion mobile devices.

Madonna apparently needs hers in case she "remembers something during the night" - presumably like how her career isn't what it once was, her creativity has been worn out since the end of the last millennium, her credibility has been shot ever since she became a spokesperson for a cult and that Swept Away is still available on DVD. If she remembers all that, a quick check on her First Direct account balance will always calm her down.

A little glimpse into how divorced from reality she is:

"It's not unromantic, it's practical. I'm sure loads of couples have their Blackberrys in bed with them."

Besides practicality being the sworn enemy of romance, does she really think lots of couples go to bed with Blackberries? It's not like they've got cameras in them.

Meanwhile, Madonna has also told Elle in the same interview about life with Guy:
"I had to marry someone as tough as me. Guy's definitely tough. I had to marry a challenge, otherwise I would just get bored," she said.

"Whatever else Guy is, he's never boring."

She had to marry a challenge? What, was there a Rubik's Cube sat in the back row of the church sobbing "it should have been me"?

And while we hate to take issue with her claim that Guy's never boring... well: Layer Cake.