Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Miley Cyrus bra peep-holes

Funny, isn't it? Nobody is actually running photos of a fifteen year-old girl showing a bit of underwear; they merely feel the need to run the pictures of Miley Cyrus showing her bra to illustrate stories about how the pictures are all over the internet.

Of course, there's nothing pornographic about the pictures, it's just the pictures have no business being in the public domain and it's hard to see how anyone over the age of 16 could be seeking them out without feeling a little seedy.

And it's not entirely surprising that she wears a bra, is it? Indeed, she's been happy to offer advice to Montana fans on that all-important first bra purchase.


Tim Footman said...

According to Wikipedia, Ms Cyrus will celebrate her 16th birthday on 23rd November. Will it be OK to look at pictures of her nipples then?

Laura Brown said...

"Look for the cute bras with the little flowers." That's just the sort of solid advice that every anxious pubescent girl needs.

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