Saturday, April 26, 2008

NME commits to a new future

In this week's NME, Conor McNicholas makes it clear that we're living in a year zero:

The domination of skinny-jeaned, vest-wearing, jangly indie-boys is coming to an end ... Bands releasing their second albums of nice music for your mum [...] is very, very bad news.

Blimey. At last. The NME has decided the dull indie guitar band must die. So... what's the answer?

We've now got our answer:
NME to give away new Coldplay songs free

A free Coldplay 7-inch vinyl single will be given away with the issue of NME that comes out on May 7. The vinyl will include 'Violet Hill', a song that will appear on the forthcoming LP.

So, the nice-music-for-your-mum band is dead - long live the painfully-nice-music-for-your-Gran band.