Tuesday, April 29, 2008

NME: We didn't intend to support LMHR

The tangled web gets a bit more tangled. Last week, Morrissey's people issued a press release which implied that NME had been the major sponsor who pulled out of Love Music Hate Racism:

“Love Music Hate Racism got in touch and explained that the NME had pulled support, possibly as a result of their association with me, and asked if I could help as they had not been able to replace them."

IPC, though, have now countered that this simply isn't true, and they were never supposed to be a sponsor in the first place, reports Drowned In Sound:
Well, it turns out that major sponsor wasn’t NME - in fact they got in touch to “categorically confirm that NME is not the ‘major sponsor’ which Love Music Hate Racism alludes to.

“While supporting Love Music Hate Racism on a number of fronts in the last year,” the statement continues, “including giving away a themed covermounted CD album… NME had no planned commercial participation in this weekend’s Carnival.”

Let's hope that the NME is more forgiving of Morrissey's mispeaking than he is of their reporting of his views on immigration.

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ian said...

A cynic might suggest that Morrissey's press release was mischiefmaking, or perhaps malicious falsehood. I'm not sure.

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