Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Robbie Williams is not that fat

A couple of papers run pictures of Robbie Williams today with observations like this, from the Mail:

Robbie Williams recently claimed that he was to give pop to become a full-time ufologist (someone who studies UFOs) - but he has clearly found interests closer to Earth.

Fatty food, by the looks of his expanded girth, and a brunette called Suzanna.

The paper then calls him "portly" which seems a bit unfair - he's carrying a few extra pounds but it's quite a few Dunkin Donuts short of being fat.

The woman, though? We're not so sure about:
Swing when you're winning: the pair, who clearly share an interest in golf, have been dating for about four months

"Who clearly share an interest in golf"? Why, because you've got a long lens shot of Williams carrying a golf bag and, erm, her in check trousers?


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