Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Ted Nugent loves his guns

We do love that people keep giving platforms to Ted Nugent to talk about gun rights as the more the pro-gun lobby parades violent, ignorant, paranoids to represent them, the better the 'why do you need an assault rifle' side looks.

Nugent had gone to Western Michigan University to speak up for guns:

"Nothing makes me happier than idiots attacking me," he said. "I take crowbars with self-evident truth on the end of it and whop liberals on the head every day."

Not, of course, that there's any link between violence and gun-ownership. It's just unfortunate that Nugent seems incapable of debating his point without lurching into violent imagery.
Nugent said Michigan needs leaders "who are absolutists, uncompromising of the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Michigan Constitution."

Is Nugent sure that he wants leaders who are uncompromising on the Constitution? Only the right to bear arms wasn't in the original constitution, was it? It was, in itself, an ammendment and presumably an absolutist view of the constitution would refuse the possibility of any amending?


Laura Brown said...

Actually, Article V of the original Constitution makes the provision for future amendments as necessary.

An interesting question for "absolutist" Nugent would be which "well-regulated militia" he considers himself to be a member of.

Olive said...

One of the funny things about Ted Nugent, like a lot of neocons of his age is that they love guns, love the military, and yet went to extraordinary lengths to avoid the draft to Viet Nam, which would have given them pretty much unlimited access to both.
Nugent apparently went as far as making himself appear incontinent and mentally unstable to avoid 'nam. Remember that the next time this dipshit is talking all tough about truth and freedom.

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