Sunday, May 04, 2008

And they're my bloody umlauts, too

James P also reports on the latest copyright clash, too. Meat Loaf is demanding return of a font:

Satan-incarnate rock-monster Meatloaf is engaged in a furious battle over a font. Which might sound exciting until you realise he isn't fighting over some sort of religious item for use in a demonic ritual. He's cross that a Meatloaf tribute act from Lancashire has got a tourbus with lettering which looks a bit like Meatloaf's own lettering.

To be fair, Meatloaf also claims the act is encroaching on the real Meatloaf's domain, which presumably means he's throwing his weight around in the pits of Hell.

*checks story*

Oh. He wants him to stop using '' too.

The story is actually quite sinister. Dean Torkington appears to have been singled out at a Liverpool Loaf gig:
He said the problem first surfaced last year when he was sat in the front row of a Meat Loaf concert in Liverpool when a man dressed in black handed him a note saying that the American singer wanted to meet him backstage.

"I had met him on two previous occasions, which were absolutely fantastic, but when I went backstage his manager ushered me into a room," he said.

"He said that he had seen our motorhome, that we use as a tour bus, parked on the car park, and Meat Loaf wasn't happy that we had used his lettering to decorate the side of the van and he told me that we had to remove it."

Since Torkington does look like Meat Loaf - albeit in a Jon Culshaw sort of way - it's probably unsurprising that they were able to spot him in the front row at the gig. Torkington has agreed to change the lettering on the side of the bus, but refuses to drop the domain name.


Anonymous said...

Don't believe anything Dean Torkington says. He is the biggest fake in the whole tribute business, stealing gigs from other acts (Matt Shaw for example - hence no venue addresses on his website) and also insulting Meat Loaf's fans and even Meat Loaf himself. What kind of "tribute" act hates the person he/she impersonates?! Moreover there was no Meat Loaf show in Liverpool in 2007.

Anonymous said...

And so says another failed Meat Loaf tribute act!

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