Tuesday, May 13, 2008

No sauce for Lamb: Sony Radio Awards

Last night the Sony Radio Awards - the radio industry's chance to claim "they're a bit like the Oscars" - were handed out at a glittering occasion that was only nearly entirely overshadowed by the Sex And The City premiere.

The good news - having somehow got onto the shortlist (why, yes, controller of 6Music Lesley Douglas did help choose the names), George Lamb didn't win anything.

Chris Moyles won the best breakfast show prize, a recognition he accepted with his trademark good grace:

Moyles was presented with his prize by his parents, Vera and Chris, who said: "Eight million listeners know he deserves it."

Despite winning, the DJ dismissed the Sony awards as "rubbish" and "boring".

Accepting his prize, he said: "Radio 1 won nothing until now. I should get a pay rise.

"Before all of us got together the Radio 1 breakfast show... oh, it was dreadful."

Was it? Was Sara Cox's programme really so much worse? Or is it just that when the competition is now Johnny Vaughan and Dr Fox, it's a bit easier to get the audience in, even with a honking narcissist in charge.

Station of the year went to Radio 4; in what we're choosing to interpret as a bitchslap, GCap Global's threatened Planet Rock was handed the Digital Station title. That won't save it; only someone with money can do that.

The winners in a list which doesn't look quite full:

Breakfast show Chris Moyles, Radio 1
Music programme Dermot O'Leary, Radio 2
Specialist music programme Friday Night Floorfillers with Krystle, 97.3 Forth One
News & current affairs Newshour, BBC World Service
Speech Saturday Live, Radio 4
Entertainment Russell Brand, Radio 2
Music broadcaster Andi Durrant, Galaxy
Music radio personality Jonathan Ross, Radio 2
Speech broadcaster Simon Mayo, Radio 5 Live
Comedy Down the Line, Radio 4
Digital station Planet Rock
Station of the year Radio 4

Update: Thanks to Simon T for pointing out that, actually, Lamb did win - it's just neither the Guardian nor the BBC reports mentioned his "rising star" award.


Simon said...

Er, unfortunately, yes he did, although gallantly Media Guardian has left the Rising Star award off its list. I wonder how much 6 Music will want to draw attention to the full list given its big chance of winning a proper award went to one of the station's direct competitors.

wanye said...


crap :(

lets hope this award means he fucks off permanently to e4/bblb real soon now.

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