Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Re-Kerrs: Simple Minds coagulate again

We haven't checked our working on this one, but we think you could probably make a decent case for early Simple Minds (certainly no later than the pompous Live In The City Of Lights collection) being, you know, not entirely all bad. However, that doesn't mean that the prospect of the original line-up reuniting fills us with anything other than dread.

Jim, Jim: leave the frilly shirts at home.


Robin Carmody said...

Everything up to (and including!) 'New Gold Dream' is interesting, and some of it is wonderful. Everything afterwards is irredeemable. They started off envisaging Britain precisely where I want it, and finished up in the same hellish morass as almost everyone else. Even if they did play their early work live now, I'm sure it would all sound *exactly* like "Don't You (Forget About Me)".

Anonymous said...

Simple Minds are going into the studio to record a couple of new songs with the original line up. Part of the excitement is to celebrate the band's 30th anniversary (1978 - 2008). SM will play six arena gigs in the UK and will perform the entirety of their 1982 album 'New Gold Dream'. What goes around, comes around. Promised you a miracle (and then some).

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