Sunday, May 11, 2008

Red Rhino weekend: Red Guitars

The Red Guitars' label, Self Drive, was distributed by Red Rhino, whose contribution to the UK independent music scene we're celebrating this weekend. This is another homebrewed video, for their debut single Good Technology:

[Available, but eye-wateringly expensive: 1986's Tales Of The Expected album]

[Part of the Red Rhino weekend]

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Anonymous said...

Red Guitars were brilliant, though I never liked this song much. But Marimba Jive, Remote Control etc fair brightened up my 80s.

Jeremy Kidd had a great voice and I once met the guitarist Hallan (Hallam?) - a South African born guy (hence the African influence) – and he was a lovely man (and in a cool band at the time called Cool Drink.

They were shit after Kidd left, mind.

(From someone wot works on Classic Rock. Good site you have.)

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