Monday, May 12, 2008

Sandi Thom, it's been too long

Thanks to David E for bringing Sandi Thom's interview in today's Metro to our attention.

When the question about those webcasts comes up, Sandi doesn't blink:

Some people have said the stories about your webcasts are overhyped. What do you make of that?

I just try to remember the good times. When we were doing those webcasts we were all staying in the same house. I don’t pay attention to the mean things people have said, I just think of the fun we had doing it.

Well, yes, you probably did have fun doing it, and you might not want to think about the "mean" things people said - which, of course, boiled down to the supposed DIY webcasts being actually part of a PR blitz; that the spikes of interest came after the stories circulated to the press about the supposed popularity of the shows; that she'd already signed a publishing deal before being "discovered" singing into a webcam from her basement, and so on. "We had fun, people are mean" is hardly much of a defence of the Thom camp's position.

Sandi also makes clear her position on Scottish politics:
Scotland should be its own country in the European Union. We’re not going to tow Scotland away in a tugboat; I just think Scotland should be more independent than it is now. I think it’ll happen one day. I’m very proud of being Scottish.

We're delighted to have the big question on Scottish independence clarified - we had always assumed that should Scotland secede, there'd be men with chisels along the north edge of Cumbria and Northumberland chip, chip, chipping away while the tugs were steaming.

Mind you, of course Sandi's not going to be tugging Scotland off anywhere. As she's just revealed, she loves the country so much, she's made her home in, erm, Brighton.

And who would Sandi talk to if she could speak to anyone who had passed over to the other side?
JFK. I’d want to know who shot him. He may not know but I’m sure he’d have a better suspicion than we would. I’m not convinced it was Lee Harvey Oswald.

Clearly JFK's instincts on his assassination should be trusted. Although they weren't so sharp that he put the car's roof up when he went to Dallas, were they?


manc_ill_kid said...

Another, slightly overlooked, basement gig playing band, the Just Joans
Playing the IndieTracks festival this summer

Harry said...

JFK knew he was a marked man. He knew of the threats in Chicago and Miami, but felt he couldn't be afraid and hid like the president's that followed him. He felt that if he wasn't allowed to go anywhere in the country without fear, instead of hiding in the White House, then, he wuoldn't be much of a president.

Eliza said...

Ive just come across this page and reading what Thom comes out with actually made me Shudder, What a complete twat she is!

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