Saturday, May 03, 2008

Stop honking your mouth out

There's another story on Gordon's page this morning which is also picked up by Stop Crying Your Heart Out, a pro-Oasis news site. Michael Eavis has expressed his disappointment at Noel's attack on Jay-Z:

“Why did he need to get involved? It was a bit weird, to be honest.

“He should give someone else a chance. He needn’t have said that and I was disappointed he did.

“He said it’s a place for guitar bands — but there are loads of guitar bands playing.”

Why did Noel get involved in something that he understands little about, and has nothing useful to add? Because he isn't dead, presumably.

SCYHO, though, isn't going to let Eavis get away with a moderate exasperated tut:
However, I reckon Noel has every right to make his feelings known and was only saying what most music fans were thinking.

Well, yes, he does have a right to make this "feelings" known - even if they're so ass-headed they were communicated in fart-sounds - but that doesn't mean there was any real need for him to do so.

And "what most music fans were thinking", eh? I'd love to see some empirical evidence for the belief that "most music fans" dislike Jay-Z more than, say, Noel Gallagher.