Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Winehouse fans write the answers on their arms

Despite the observation by a spokesperson that Cambridge including a lyric by Amy Winehouse as part of a comparison question for English Literature students was "interesting, but not news", it's still made the BBC News.

Student newspaper The Cambridge Student said undergraduates were "surprised" to find Winehouse's words on the practical criticism paper.

Isn't the whole point of exam questions that they're meant to be a surprise for the students taking the paper - after all, if they'd gone "oh, yeah, that's the Amy Winehouse question", they might not be being tested very much on their ability to think on their feet.


Anonymous said...

I was more surprised that they had to do poetry comparison questions at Cambridge. I thought you left all that behind when you went to university. Is cultural theory too difficult for the little loves?

Anonymous said...


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