Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Winehouse in custody

Amy Winehouse is currently in a police station in East London, explaining those pictures from the Sun of her apparently smoking crack.

The Met Police have released a statement:

"Around 1pm today a 24-year-old woman from the Camden area attended a London police station by arrangement and was arrested in connection with the alleged possession of a controlled drug.

"She remains in custody. This is in connection with an investigation connected to footage passed to the Metropolitan Police on 22 January."

The Winehouse camp have also shared their perspective:
"Amy Winehouse voluntarily attended a London police station today by appointment.

"She was arrested in order to be interviewed and is co-operating fully with inquiries.

"The interview relates to a video handed to police earlier this year."

She's been in the station since one o'clock; seven hours is being very co-operative indeed.

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Olive said...

Fantastic. Anybody in West London who reported a burglary, assault, mugging or whatever and got no joy from the police must be relieved to know that a couple of detectives thought that this was a better use of their time.

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