Saturday, June 07, 2008

Alabama shake down their own drummer

Popular imagination insists the drummer is usually the weakest intellect in any given band. Alabama have just given lie to that myth, as the rest of the band have managed to overpay their drummer, Mark Herndon a fifth of a million bucks more than what they now think was his due. The rest of the band are now suing to get the cash back.

Their case is that he got his cut of the merchandising money from their 2003 before accountants realised that, erm, there wasn't any money made on merchandise. Given that the payment would have suggested that Alabama made $800,000 in profits on flogging tshirts and whatever other stuff they stuck their logo on, you'd have thought they might have had a pretty large clue about that at the time.

We're given to understand that the lawsuit is also looking to recoup, like, money for all the time they wasted hanging about while, you know, he spent time carrying his shit and shit out to the van.

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Anonymous said...

i love the line, "no net profits on merchandise." all that cash, all that swag, how little gets reported? you would think the boys in the band would play nice, for all this will do is open a can of worms for the irs auditors. "no sir, merchandise is a break even business!"

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