Tuesday, June 10, 2008

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Thanks to RadioEdit who Twittered me to mention John Crace's Gordon Smart baiting Random Bizarre Generator from yesterday's MediaGuardian:

Dreary Coldplay frontman CHRIS MARTIN is in town to promote his new album, Viva La Vida.

I obviously haven't heard it and GWYNETH PALTROW's better half has got far better things to do than waste time talking to me, but his publicist tells me I can make up any old quote I like.

"The new album is the best thing we've ever done," CHRIS tells me exclusively over a Bacardi Breezer in my fantastic south London bedsit. "The fans are going to love it."

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Mikey said...

Awww. I thought it was going to be an actual copy-generating toy made out of Java or Flash or whatever-the-fuck.

It's just a Gordon parody. If I want a Gordon parody there's one every day on Sun Online.

I think.

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