Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cancer Bats: "Up for" as in "eligble for"?

The Cancer Bats - no, you haven't missed anything - proudly tell their fans via their MySpace that they're in with a sniff of a major award:

CANCER BATS are up for 3 awards at this year's Kerrang! Awards.

- Best Live Band
- Best Album ('Hail Destroyer')
– Best International Band

This is a huge deal and we need you, the fans to vote vote vote!
Head over to: and vote for Bats as much as you can!!!

The curious fan who follows this instruction - and the link - might be surprised to discover that the shortlist for the awards isn't out for another month. So, yes, you could say they're up for the awards, but only in the same way that Coldplay and Emmy The Great are - because there's nothing to stop anyone writing any name they like into the form at this stage.


James said...

So presumably there's also nothing stopping us from organising another email campaign, asking people to go to the form and submit 'Anyone but Cancer Bats'?

Y'know, just for poos and giggles and that.

simon h b said...

Vote Thunderbugs as the write-in candidate

Spence said...

Cancer Bats is truly one of the most hideous band names ever. They can have an award for that.

James said...

Unless I'm mistaken, that's two mentions of Thunderbugs in as many days... Are you one of those bloggers I've heard about, who get paid by big companies to mention their products? Are we being softened up for a Thunderbugs reunion? Should I start searching eBay to invest in old copies of 'Friends Forever' before the market price skyrockets? We should be told.

By the way, I must just say this; Hepburn, 21st Century Girls and *checks list* most of North And South, but not the keyboardist unless Halfords let him have that week off.

simon h b said...

James, you're missing out the obvious conclusion that I'm-the-one-with-the-glasses-out-the-Thunderbugs...

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