Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Franz Ferdinand chained to the mixing desk

The new Franz Ferdinand album won't be in the shops in time for Christmas. (Or, for those of you born after 1990, the new FF album won't be uploaded into secure retail space before Christmas).

Alex Kapranos is still putting it together. And they need to come up with a new name:

“We were gonna call it 'Bite Hard' at one point because there was a song called 'Bite Hard' and we weren’t gonna use that as a song, but liked the phrase,” he said.

“It’s quite suggestive but apparently in the States if you say something ‘bites’ it means it sucks, so if something bites hard, it sucks really badly. So we thought; ‘No we’ll choose another title.’”

We're surprised that Alex didn't know that - do British people really go to the US unaware of local idiom that's been filtered through a thousand films and songs? Would Alex have a driving holiday in Idaho scuppered because he couldn't find a petrol station - "they only seem to be selling gas, and this is a diesel car..."?


Robin Carmody said...

Believe it or not, some British people - even those in Kapranos's line of work - don't take that much of their culture from the US. Kapranos has always struck me as one of the few pop people who knows a wider world.

This kind of Hip Sun Reader-ism does you no favours.

simon h b said...


While it's possibly true that not everyone's art is directly influenced by American culture, affecting to not understand American terms is hardly the same thing as knowing there's a world beyond the Atlantic alliance. I wasn't suggesting that Kapranos should release a cover of New York, New York with Dixie Chicks collaborating, merely that it's unlilely he didn't genuinely know the phrase. Even if he would rather he didn't.

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