Friday, June 13, 2008

Gee, Noel, do you think?

Noel Gallagher went to Liverpool for his 41st birthday, reports a thrilled Liverpool Echo. Gallagher, of course, was there to genuflect:

“The Beatles were better than we'll ever be,” says the mono-browed Mancunian. “I think they were a far more innovative band than we'll ever be. The Beatles are still my heroes.”

Goodness, Noel - having ripped them off every time you've ever thought about booking studio space, never mind on record, you think they might be a bit more original than you? Really? Must... try... and... resist... urge... to... snurkle...

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Robin Carmody said...

The Beatles *were* more innovative than Oasis will ever be: good to see Gallagher admitting this. But he could easily have innovated more than he did - if he really wanted to emulate them he ought to have combined the black American music of the day with his own experiences, the very heart of what made the Beatles so special. Reynolds once commented that he was probably the only person of his generation in Manchester to respond to rave with "where's the fookin' tunes, man?" (I think such attitudes were more common in smaller towns - Gallagher certainly has small-town attitudes and Oasis have always been a defiantly provincial band, a long way from any claims to cosmopoltianism that Manchester might make today).

I don't know why I still care so much about Gallagher. I think it's partially generational, and partially because that *was* a vital moment that the whole idea of subculture in British pop has never recovered from. There's also the fact that any future Oasis album, even now, will still sell more than almost (though not quite) anything I'd be interested in.

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