Wednesday, June 11, 2008

George Michael needs a rest

As befits a man who often pulls his car over to one side of the road - or possibly not even that - when he feels the need for a nap coming on, George Michael has announced plans to take things more easily.

He's going to retire from touring after playing a couple of London dates later this year.

This follows on from the announcement several years ago by nearly everybody that they were retiring from going to watch George Michael playing live.


Anonymous said...

obviously you are a sad person with no life to make a stupid comment like that

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Mother, if you must post here, please use your log-in. We don't want to upset Jeff Jarvis.

M.C. Glammer said...

Gotta love his quote: "Mainly the reason is because I'm 45 and I think pop music should be about youth culture."

Madonna unavailable for comment at this time.

Pinko said...

This is misleading. George Michael is touring North America this summer, then doing 2 London gigs, then retiring from large stadium/arena concerts. But he left it open as to doing smaller venue concerts in the future. He's been doing a world tour since 2006 (all of Europe and Russia), so understandably he is tired after being in this business since he was 17 years old. Give the guy a break.

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