Saturday, June 28, 2008

Glastonbury 1998: Road Rage

It's not just because it was hell on earth that 98 seems like the pivotal Glastonbury - there were signs all over that things were shifting. The sense of being isolated from the rest of the world was vanishing quickly, as mobile recharging stands and cashpoints were popping up all over. Down in the market area, slick corporate booths flogging phones sat alongside the blankets and patchouli-scented headscarves. Robbie Williams knew it was the place to reboot a stalled career. And it was the year where the TV coverage started to ramp up. In 1999, the BBC would be covering Glastonbury like a heavy-handed Tory council CCTV initiative.

There were gaps in 98, though - so, sorry, there doesn't seem to be an Ultrasound or Kenickie as the second stage didn't seem to get any daylight acts recorded. There is, however, footage of Catatonia, so hopefully this'll do:

[Part of Glastonbury 1998]


Simon said...

They did show some Kenickie, as I have Stay In The Sun on tape somewhere.

Not that you'd directly know for 1998, but who was the presenting team at that time? As far as my brain can think it changed from Whiley/Peel/Holland/Theakston to the last few years' Whiley/Radcliffe/Jupitus/Laverne pretty much overnight. (Slightly weird show last night once KoL had finished, which just seemed to consist of Radcliffe, half pint in hand, taking the piss out of everything, coverage, corporation and Lauren inclusive. And Lauren reckoned Kate Nash had been lucky to have had a sharp increase in popularity since agreeing to open the pyramid stage. Would they really have asked her to open last August?)


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