Thursday, June 26, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Separate lives

Rav Singh has been banging away at the "Madonna marriage crisis" for a couple of weeks now, but clearly Gordon has been waiting until there was some, erm, facts to run with.

Or there was space amongst pictures of ladies in bikinis.

His big revelation? That Madonna and Guy are sleeping in separate rooms.

Yes, yes, they said that ages ago. But Gordon has 'discovered' they're doing it on trips away, too. He's so excited, as well as his photobyline:

Gordon Smart's Bizarre

He's given himself another byline as well:
Bizarre Editor

So, what did Gordon Smart's Bizarre by Gordon Smart, editor of Bizarre by Gordon Smart have to share?
But while they were there Guy, 39, spent his time working on a new commercial with Hollywood star George Clooney.

And Madonna, 49, visited fashion designers to arrange costumes for her forthcoming tour.

So, erm, couple with different jobs do different things during the day, then.

But if that's a worry, there's also the recession to worry about:
MADONNA’S countryside retreat has lost £455,409 in value since January — making her the A-list celeb hardest hit by Britain’s housing slump.

Still, it's still worth over ten million, and - as far as we know - she's still managing to keep oiks like you and me orf her land - so it's not all bad news for her as she feels the credit crunching in the way we'd imagine her lower back must have been for years.


Spence said...

"making her the A-list celeb hardest hit by Britain’s housing slump"

Damn.... makes me almost want to go out and buy her new record, so she can afford to feed her kids. Almost.

Anonymous said...

*dons Two Ronnies glasses* In technology news, plans are underway to introduce a '.xxx' top-level domain name for adult websites. Campaigners are hoping that the addresses of every pornographic website in the world will be kept in the same location. However, critics have pointed out that such a location already exists; It's called 'Gordon Smart's Bookmarks'.

And now, a sketch in which Ronnie Corbett plays an out-of-work proctologist who's trying to make ends meet.


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